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Trivia: The Answer Page
Okay, you get two points for each correct answer, for a possible high score of 100.

1. The album was entitled Sun City: Artists Against Apartheid.
2. Paula Abdul was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers.
3. Gordon Shumway was the name of ALF (which stands for Alien Life Form, by the way.)
4. Robert Mapplethorpe was the artist, and since he got funding from the National Endowment of the Arts, a lot of people began to question whether the NEA had any idea what qualified as art.
5. Pong was the very first video game.
6. Jane Wyman starred in Falcon Crest.
7. John W. Hinckley, Jr. was obsessed with Jodie Foster. She was matriculating at Yale at the time.
8. Bright Lights, Big City
9. Kharma Chameleon
10. Spuds MacKenzie was the name . . . and the pit bull was actually female.
11. Bob Dylan, who wrote the song.
12. Angel Heart was the flick; Bonet co-starred with Mickey Rourke.
13. Bush admitted he had a real problem with the "vision thing."
14. Waylon Jennings did the voice-overs on The Dukes of Hazzard.
15. The ghosts were named Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde.
16. Jessica Hahn
17. "I Want Your Sex." (At least George was being honest.)
18. Gilly's was the famous Houston honky tonk.
19. Malcolm Baldrige.
20. The U.S. boycotted the Moscow Games in protest against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The USSR returned the favor by boycotting the 1984 games in L.A.
21. Vanessa Williams
22. Bobby McFerrin
23. Ratt
24. Columbia was the first space shuttle launched into the void.
25. "Jack and Diane" was the song, off the American Fool album. In 1982, Mellencamp became the only male artist to have two Top 10 hits and a #1 album simultaneously.
26. The Last Temptation of Christ really bedeviled the fundamentalists.
27. Richard Simmons. (Remember when Dave Letterman made him cry?)
28. Bartles & Jaymes
29. The Twilight Zone: The Movie
30. The Pentagon paid $604.09 for a toilet seat. (They also paid $748 for a pair of pliers and $9,606 for an Allen wrench.)
31. Jackson referred to the Big Apple as "Hymietown," setting off a firestorm in the Jewish community.
32. Michael Spinks
33. Natalie Wood drowned in 1981 while yachting off Catalina with husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken and for a while there were rumors of foul play.
34. Live Aid, just one of many benefit concerts during the 80s -- remember Farm Aid? The Prince's Trust?
35. Appropriately enough, the charter boat had been christened Monkey Business.
36. Ron took a break from ballet lessons to appear in the American Express commercials.
37. Baby Fae
38. Amy was the president's national security adviser that particular day.
39. Claus Von Bulow
40. 508 points, the biggest one-day plunge in history. Estimated total loss: over $500 billion. Poof. Vanished.
41. Say Anything was the name of the film. (And who wouldn't, if it was Ione Skye?)
42. Dudley Moore
43. Martina Navratilova
44. Nike is the correct answer. And we all remember what ADIDAS stands for, right? (All Day I Dream About Sex.)
45. It was Korean Airlines Flight 007.
46. Mr. T, and FYI the TV series was The A-Team.
47. The article, "The Education of David Stockman" by William Greider, appeared in The Atlantic Monthly.
48. The father was Ted Danson's character. Billy Crystal was not in Three Men And A Baby.
49. Donald Trump
50. Swatch

Answers to Trivia Challenge #2  
You get two points for each correct answer, for a possible high score of 101 (there is one bonus point in this challenge.)

1. The Chicago Bears, who won Super Bowl XX, after a 15-1 regular season.
2. Andrew Ridgeley
3. Tipper Gore
4. PG-13; Red Dawn was the first PG-13 rated film.
5. Contras
6. Remington Steele
7. "Guns in the Sky"
8. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
9. Braniff. Eastern went bankrupt in the mid-Eighties.
10. Quiche
11. Paul Reubens
12. The Beastie Boys
13. Captain EO
14. Clint Eastwood
15. Amerika
16. Down and Out in Beverly Hills
17. Massachusetts
18. Falkland Islands
19. Sudden Impact
20. The Mediterranean fruit fly
21. Hooked on Classics
22. Pepsi Free (what McFly asked for) and Pepsi Lite
23. Wilding
24. Atlanta, Georgia
25. India -- Bhopal, India, to be exact.
26. "Trust, but verify"
27. Oral Roberts. Apparently he got a reprieve.
28. Billionaire Boy's Club
29. The Equal Rights Amendment
30. George Bush, but he got to be VP anyway.
31. The Sears Tower, 110 stories high.
32. The United States of America
33. Victoria Principal -- and who would argue with that selection? The book was entitled The Body Principal.
34. Baby Jessica
35. Ronald Reagan
36. American Bandstand
37. The minimum wage was $3.35 in 1981. Bonus: It was also $3.35 in 1989.
38. The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
39. The AIDS Quilt
40. KITT
41. Fawn Hill, who was Oliver North's secretary. Perhaps it was the law of self-survival that led to all the document shredding.
42. Manhunter
43. "The Boys of Summer"
44. "Respect Yourself"
45. "Where's the beef?"
46. Yakov Smirnoff was a Russian-born comedian popular in the U.S. during the Eighties.
47. Mannequin
48. Minnesota, which was opponent Walter Mondale's home state.
49. Mike Reno
50. A View To A Kill

Answers to Trivia Challenge #3 
You get two points for each correct answer, for a possible high score of 101. (There is one bonus point in this challenge.)

1. The Shining. One thing we know -- Jack Nicholson may be a lot of things, but dull is never one of them.
2. Five. Count 'em.
3. The Los Angeles Dodgers, in 1981 and again in 1988.
4. Ringwald was not in St. Elmo's Fire.
5. Airwolf (1984-1986). The short-lived Blue Thunder series starred former football players Dick Butkus and Bubba Smith.
6. They were all wrestlers, of course -- stars of the World Wrestling Federation during the 1980s.
7. Sarah Jessica Parker. (Has she come a long way, or what?)
8. Band Aid
9. "Missing You"
10. Mikhail Baryshnikov. He played a Russian ballet dancer, of all things, in that movie.
11. CD "longboxes," made so that the new compact disc units would fit into existing record bins.
12. Beauty and the Beast (1987-90)
13. Sony
14. Bloom County. The band included Opus the penguin on tuba and Bill the Cat playing, um, tongue.
15. Return To Oz. Was it bad, or what? (Sorry that we brought it up.)
16. Lech Walesa
17. General Hospital. Springfield also made a movie in the Eighties, Hard To Hold. (Didn't see it? That's okay, not a lot of people did.)
18. Strange Brew
19. Susan B. Anthony
20. The People's Republic of China. (Aren't you glad you don't live in a "people's republic?")
21. The Iran-Contra Affair
22. 21 Jump Street
23. Ryan White. Tragically, he passed away in 1990.
24. Xanadu
25. Wall Street
26. Ronald Reagan said it in 1966 when he won the California gubernatorial race. If he said it, it must be so.
27. Johnny Cash
28. His three grandchildren, who were half-Mexican.
29. Soldier of Fortune
30. Joan Quigley. Bonus: Her book was entitled What Does Joan Say?: My Seven Years as White House Astrologer to Nancy and Ronald Reagan (NY: Carol Publishing, 1990).
31. Stacy Keach
32. glasnost
33. Brooke Shields
34. Frankie Goes To Hollywood
35. PTL stood for Praise The Lord. Some cynics suggested it really stood for Pass The Loot.
36. False. Only 21 percent said they would. Reagan did, however, leave office with the highest approval rating of any president.
37. St. Eligius. (If you missed this one you're obviously not checking out our Featured Series in the Television section!)
38. Under A Cherry Moon. (Since you shouldn't say anything unless you can say something nice, we'll have no further comment.)
39. The graves of 49 members of the Waffen SS.
40. Can't Buy Me Love. (Better start reading our Movie Reviews!)
41. Darryl and Darryl. Larry was the talkative one.
42. The Go-Gos
43. E/R, a sitcom that lasted a single season (1984-85).
44. Secretary of State
45. The United States. It was estimated that formula indirectly contributed to the deaths of at least one million infants a year because it was mixed with contaminated water and put in unsterilized bottles.
46. Sun Myung Moon. That same year Moon married 2,075 couples in what was billed as the largest wedding ceremony in history, held at Madison Square Garden.
47. The Boland Amendment, named for its sponsor, Congressman Edward Boland. It passed the House by a whopping 411-0 margin.
48. Al Capone. What was found in that sealed vault? An empty bottle. (Way to go, Geraldo!)
49. Dan Rather. (Courage, Dan!)
50. Tommy Tutone was actually a rock group.

Answers to Trivia Challenge #4 
(You get two points for each correct answer, for a possible high score of 101. (There is one bonus point in this challenge.)

1. Duran Duran
2. The Karate Kid
3. EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.
4. Falco
5. She "wore" a boa constrictor.
6. C. Everett Koop
7. Carl Lewis
8. Love, Sidney. No direct reference to Sidney's sexual orientation was made in the series, but it was in the TV movie that spawned the series.
9. Morris the Cat. (Morris was actually a she, by the way.)
10. The Outsiders
11. "Dancing in the Dark"
12. Family Ties
13. Dragon's Lair
14. The Last Emperor. It won a total of nine Oscars, ranking third all time behind Ben Hur (11) and West Side Story (10).
15. Pac-Man, "a round thing that gobbles up money," as Reagan put it. Needless to say, O'Neill was not amused.
16. USA Today
17. "Man in Motion," St. Elmo's Fire; "The Power of Love," Back to the Future; "We Don't Need Another Hero," Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
18. "Lady." It was the only solo #1 of Roger's career.
19. The Terminator. We kid you not.
20. Pryor was freebasing cocaine.
21. Ivan "Greed is Good" Boesky
22. "I Want Your Sex"
23. Philip Michael Thomas
24. Finland. The American team got to the finals by defeating the vaunted Soviet Union team.
25. Foot. Governor Richards made the remark during her keynote speech at the Democratic convention.
26. Pepsi. Some religious groups objected to the video, deeming it sacrilegious. (Madonna got to keep the $5 million.)
27. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
28. Dian Fossey
29. Australia. The U.S. won it back in 1987, thanks to Dennis Conner aboard the yacht Stars and Stripes.
30. Whitney Houston. The songs: "Saving All My Love For You," "How Will I Know," "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," "Didn't We Almost Have It All," "So Emotional," and "Where Do Broken Hearts Go." She had eleven #1's in all during her career.
31. Vice-president Dan Quayle in 1989.
32. Dr. Ruth Westheimer
33. The Vietnam conflict. It was about time, too.
34. Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler.
35. Ever-Ready batteries.
36. National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985) and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989).
37. "Don't Dream It's Over," by Crowded House.
38. Brigitte Nielsen
39. Ron Reagan, the president's son.
40. Imelda Marcos, wife of ousted Philippine strongman Ferdinand Marcos.
41. South Africa, a nation targeted by many because of its apartheid policies.
42. Mr. T
43. True. Hinckley was committed to Washington, D.C.'s St. Elizabeth's Hospital.
44. Cheese
45. Because she had made the whole story up.
46. Dr. Seuss
47. Jolt
48. Batman
49. Bo Jackson
50. Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA and Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814.

Answers to Trivia Challenge #5 
You get two points for each correct answer, for a possible high score of 101. (There is one bonus point in this challenge.)

1. Top Gun
2. Sherman Potter and Max Klinger
3. Larry Bird
4. Bloom County
5. c., a popular brand of BMX bike.
6. Delaware's Joe Biden.
7. "Seize the day"
8. Manuel Noriega
9. General Hospital
10. colon
11. Anthony Michael Hall was not in the movie. Andrew McCarthy was the rich boy who fell for the poor girl, Molly Ringwald; Jon Cryer, of course, was "The Duckman."
12. None of the Taylor boys in Duran Duran are related.
13. Josef Mengele
14. The band was Whitesnake. The singer was David Coverdale.
15. "Take My Breath Away"
16. Because the character's name, Hinkley, was too similar to that of Reagan's would-be-assassin, John Hinckley, Jr.
17. Danny Aiello
18. 444 days. They were released on 20 January 1981, the day Ronald Reagan was sworn in as president.
19. Hill Street Blues. He played Lt. Norman Buntz.
20. Tattoo, played by Herve Villechaize.
21. Fawlty Towers
22. Gore Vidal
23. Sonny Burnett and Rico Cooper.
24. Tears for Fears
25. Kathleen Turner
26. Diff'rent Strokes (1978-1986). Charlotte Rae's character, Edna Garrett, a housekeeper on Diff'rent Strokes, left to become housemother at the Eastland School for Girls, the setting for That Facts of Life.
27. Ronald Reagan
28. 2 Live Crew
29. Rita Jenrette
30. Oral Hershiser
31. Ecstasy. When you used it you were said to be "x-ing."
32. Poltergeist
33. Slamdancing
34. Kathleen Turner (again!)
35. Meryl Streep. Elaine (Julia-Louise Dreyfus) later used an equally-famous variation on an episode of the TV sitcom Seinfeld.
36. John McEnroe
37. Income tax evasion. She was sentenced to four years in jail and fined $7.1 million.
38. Virginia
39. The Satanic Verses
40. "I Wanna Be A Cowboy"
41. The Colbys (1985-87)
42. Mario and Luigi
43. Drexel Burhham Lambert. When Milken was indicted on 98 counts of insider trading, Drexel pled guilty to six felony charges and agreed to pay fines totaling $650 million.
44. Adolf Hitler
45. Linda Ronstadt was the third member of the trio.
46. Fatal Attraction. Glenn Close costarred with Douglas.
47. Les Miserables
48 Michael Jackson
49. Because of his admitted Nazi activities during World War II.
50. Because Berg was Jewish (and outspoken.)

Answers to Trivia Challenge #6 
You get two points for each correct answer, for a possible high score of 100.

1. The MGM Grand Hotel
2. Walter Cronkite
3. Brooke Shields
4. To rescue a drowning flight attendant from an Air Florida plane that had crashed into the Potomac while taking off from Washington's National Airport.
5. Philadelphia
6. Karen Carpenter (of The Carpenters)
7. John Glenn
8. New York
9. They each became the first black mayor of major U.S. cities -- Philadelphia (Goode) and Chicago (Washington).
10. Madonna. The photos were several years old, taken before she became a star.
11. The Statue of Liberty
12. An earthquake.
13. To report sightings of werewolves -- and about 400,000 called in.
14. Boris Becker
15. Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. (Bonus Point: "Say Say Say")
16. G. Gordon Liddy
17. Tampons, particularly a brand called Rely, which Proctor & Gamble removed from the market.
18. "Sweet Child O' Mine"
19. Kevin Costner. He played the dead friend of the other players, and was originally intended to appear in flashbacks.
20. Ronald Reagan
21. Pendergrass became a quadriplegic after his Rolls Royce crashed into a tree, but he continued to make music.
22. Lockerbie. All 259 passengers and 11 people on the ground lost their lives.
23. Life with Lucy
24. Harry Hamlin
25. Larry Holmes
26. Stealth
27. II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), IV: The Voyage Home (1986), and V: The Final Frontier (1989).
28. Cusack was not in Can't Buy Me Love.
29. b
30. Princeton
31. Winona Ryder
32. Because Rust, a West German teenager, flew a single-engine plane across the USSR and landed in Red Square.
33. False. It was the 1988 national elections.
34. Riptide
35. Quiet Riot
36. Punky Brewster. The cartoon was entitled It's Punky Brewster.
37. Andy Summers, who played guitar.
38. Coca-Cola
39. Jim Carrey. Crystal was an SNL player in the 1984-85 season, as was Short. Jan Hooks was with the show from 1986-91.
40. "Let's Go Crazy" (1984)
41. Gary Hartpence
42. Bruce Willis
43. To feed starving pandas.
44. Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame.
45. Len Bias
46. True
47. Michael Jackson. He thought it would keep him alive to the ripe old age of 150.
48. Lawrence E. Walsh
49. Jerry Falwell
50. Garbage -- over 3,000 tons of it.

Answers to Trivia Challenge #7 
You get two points for each correct answer, for a possible high score of 101. (There is one bonus point in this challenge.)

1. "Weird" Al Yankovich
2. White Nights
3. Webster
4. The Waitresses
5. 1986
6. New Kids on the Block
7. The Watchman
8. Dolph Lundgren
9. The Color of Money was not nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.
10. Misfits of Science. It lasted one season, 1985-86.
11. Adolf Hitler. The diary proved to be a hoax.
12. "Beat It"
13. The Mayflower Madam. Barrows claimed her ancestor came to America aboard the Mayflower.
14. Indira Gandhi
15. Ariel Sharon. The jury ruled that Time was not guilty because did not know it was printing a false statement.
16. "Material Things"
17. Diet Pepsi
18. 20th Century-Fox
19. Philadelphia
20. John A. Walker
21. Wimp -- even though he was a World War II hero.
22. William Casey
23. William Rehnquist. The vote was 65-33 in favor of confirmation.
24. Graceland
25. The USFL. Bonus Point: The award was $1; the USFL had asked for $1.69 billion.
26. Robert Penn Warren
27. John Wayne
28. Billy Martin
29. Ronald Reagan himself, during his years with the Screen Actors Guild, when the FBI was investigating the presence of Communists in Hollywood.
30. Michael Jackson. He paid $47.5 million.
31. Raising Arizona
32. "99 Luftballons"
33. Poison. Michaels was the front man, while DeVille played guitar.
34. Footloose. In fact, the song was nominated for an Oscar.
35. Miami Vice's Don Johnson
36. 21 Jump Street
37. A new set of White House china, all 4,732 pieces of it.
38. The People's Court.
39. William and Henry
40. Rev. Sun Myung Moon
41. Rocky III (1982)
42. Sarah Ferguson
43. President Reagan. The song's full title was "He's Our Man (The Ronald Reagan March)".
44. Hertz
45. The Court ruled 8-0 in favor of Larry Flynt in the First Amendment case involving a satire published in Hustler.
46. Olympia Dukakis
47. Charles Manson
48. Douglas Ginsberg, who withdrew his name from consideration after revelations that he had smoked marijuana as a student and law professor.
49. David Mamet's Speed-the-Plow
50. Larry Speakes

Answers to Trivia Challenge #8 
You get two points for each correct answer, for a possible high score of 101. (There is one bonus point in this challenge.)

1. Dr. C. Everett Koop
2. William Perry
3. L.A. Law
4. The government bought the town -- the first government purchase of a polluted city in American history.
5. Iran. The Vincennes captain issued a number of warnings to the unidentified aircraft and received no response.
6. Sonny Bono, of Sonny and Cher fame. He would be elected to the U.S. Congress in the 1990s before losing his life in a skiing accident.
7. McGyver
8. Payton broke Jim Brown's record for career rushing yards. Brown had 12,312 total yards and Payton ended the 1984 season with 13,309 total yards.
9. The 1988 Seoul Olympics. Czechoslovakia's Miloslav Mecir won the men's gold medal while West German Steffi Graf won the women's.
10. Jackie Joyner-Kersee. FloJo was married to Jackie's brother.
11. Moscow on the Hudson
12. There were five Bond films in the 1980s: For Your Eyes Only (1981), Octopussy (1983), Never Say Never Again (1983), The Living Daylights (1987) and License to Kill (1989). Bonus Point: The three actors who played 007 were Roger Moore, Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton.
13. Antonin Scalia (1986) and Anthony M. Kennedy (1988)
14. Ferdinand Marcos
15. The People's Republic of China. Britain's 99-year lease expired July 1, 1997.
16. Premiers were smokeless cigarettes. They were also a flop, and RJR Nabisco withdrew them from the market in 1989.
17. "I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
18. Voyager 2
19. His son Michael and his brother Arthur. John and Arthur received life sentences while Michael got twenty-five years.
20. Young urban professional.
21. MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving. There were 600,000 members in the U.S. by 1989.
22. "Video Killed The Radio Star"
23. Four (Freddy's Revenge in 1985, Dream Warriors in 1987, Dream Master in 1988 and Dream Child in 1989.)
24. "Higher Love"
25. Geraldo Rivera
26. Southfork
27. K.I.T.T. was actually a Pontiac Trans Am.
28. Ronald Reagan
29. The Color Purple
30. Don Johnson of Miami Vice.
31. "Luka"
32. It was an opera.
33. Wyoming
34. Forever Krystle and Scoundrel. There was also a men's cologne called Carrington.
35. Lake Wobegon, Minnesota
36. Yul Brynner
37. thirtysomething
38. Bras
39. Ben Jones, who played Cooter.
40. Bill Clinton, who was governor of Arkansas at the time.
41. Al Gore, who waited until 1988.
42. The Beach Boys
43. Donald T. Regan, who was also Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan's first term.
44. Pat Robertson of The 700 Club.
45. Cobra
46. Ecstasy
47. Phyllis George
48. The Charmings. It lasted one season.
49. Hindu Love Gods. The three R.E.M. members were Bill Berry, Peter Buck and Mike Mills.
50. Kenny Loggins

Answers to Trivia Challenge #9 
You get two points for each correct answer, for a possible high score of 101. (There is one bonus point in this challenge.)

1. Gotti arranged the murder of Paul Castellano at Sparks Steak House, Manhattan. He got away with it, too.
2. Sallt Ride became the first American woman in space on June 1983 as a crewmember aboard the space shuttle Challenger. The first woman in space was a Russian cosmonaut, back in the 1960s.
3. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He was arrested in March 1985 for overstaying a temporary visa issued in 1981, and, pleading guilty as charged, went home to India.
4. "And that's the way it is" was Walter Cronkite's trademark sign-off.
5. Reagan was 73 when he was sworn in for a second term, and turned 74 just a couple of weeks after the inauguration.
6. Sharon sued Time magazine. The jury ruled against Sharon, but did reprimand the Time reporter for being negligent.
7. The park was closed because of the fires that burned nearly 1 million acres of parkland. The inferno was blamed on drought conditions in the summer of 1988, and 25,000 firefighters battled the flames.
8. The video was for the single "Vacation" (1982).
9. Puttin' on the Hits. Winners were chosen by a panel of celebrity judges.
10. John Wayne, who died in 1979. Henry Fonda died in 1982, Rock Hudson in 1985, and Fred Astaire in 1987.
11. Valerie Bertinelli. She married Eddie Van Halen.
12. Culp was pegged to replace Larry Hagman as "J.R.Ewing." The salary dispute, however, was resolved, and Hagman remained on the show.
13. Paulina Porizkova.
14. Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis and -- here's the one you couldn't remember -- Ernie Hudson.
15. "Snap out of it!"
16. Scarface -- and, for the record, he was referring to a firearm.
17. 21 Jump Street (1987-1990). The actors who played those characters were Johnny Depp, Peter DeLuise, Holly Robinson and Dustin Nguyen.
18. Mypos.
19. Jack Palance. His daughter, Holly, also appeared as co-host.
20. He suffered a mortal, self-inflicted wound to the head while playing around with a prop gun.
21. Partners in Crime. They played ex-wives of the same man who joined forces to solve his murder. (He was a detective.)
22. Atop the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc, above the beaches of Normandy in France.
23. Russia
24. Sally Field
25. The Church of Scientology
26. As a Marine, Lonetree served as a guard at the U.S. embassy in Moscow; he was later found guilty of committing espionage.
27. "Do They Know It's Christmas?"
28. "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon.
29. No horse won all three races in the 1980s. In fact, the last Triple Crown winner was Affirmed in 1978. Swale, offspring of 1977 winner Seattle Slew, won two legs of the Triple Crown in the '80s, only to drop dead before the third.
30. Norman Mailer, who also helped Abbott win parole in 1981. Abbott murdered a man in New York City shortly thereafter.
31. Anwar Sadat. Right-wing Moslem extremists were blamed.
32. Cobra
33. Patti Davis
34. Chambers strangled Jennifer Levin to death. His was one of the most high-profile murder trials of the decade.
35. Shanghai Surprise. It was a certified flop.
36. Graceland
37. Kitty Dukakis. Her husband, Michael, won his party's nomination but lost the election.
38. Gary Hart, whose political career never quite recovered from his adulterous affair with Donna Rice.
39. TV Guide
40. 1988. BONUS POINT: It was located in Lansing, Michigan.
41. "Love Is A Battlefield"
42. They were all MTV VJs.
43. Spenser: For Hire (ABC, 1985-88). Avery Brooks played Hawk, a freelance "enforcer."
44. Patrick Swayze, who also appeared in Dirty Dancing.
45. Raising Arizona
46. Apple's Lisa, which hit the market in 1983.
47. Holmes inflicted a knockout (actually a TKO) on Muhammad Ali. It was the first time in Ali's professional career that he had been knocked out.
48. Whales -- California gray whales, to be exact.
49. Harmonic
50. Ozzy Osbourne. It was a dead bat, but still....

Answers to Trivia Challenge # 10 
You get two points for each correct answer, for a possible high score of 101; (There is one bonus point in this challenge.)

1. Garry Kasparov.
2. 33
3. Pop singer Billy Joel was Christie's groom.
4. The American hostages held in Iran for 444 days were released the same day.
5. Stella Nickell killed her husband Bruce with cyanide-laced Excedrin in 1986.
6. Antartica
7. For illegal gambling. He allegedly placed bets on his own team, and on games in which he played.
8. He had his 100th birthday.
9. The Greatest American Hero (1981-83)
10. Halley's Comet
11. 525. His Democratic Party opponent, Walter Mondale, got only 13.
12. Kimberley Conrad, who just happened to be Playboy's 1989 Playmate of the Year.
13. Before the African nation of Zimbabwe gained its independence from Britain it was known as Rhodesia.
14. Alannah Currie, who was born in New Zealand. Tom Bailey was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England while Joe Leeway was born is Islington, London.
15. Gen. Westmoreland claimed CBS defamed him with a report that he lied to his superiors about enemy troop strength during his tenure as commander of American forces in Vietnam.
16. Splash (1984). His love interest was Madison (Darryl Hannah), who happened to be a mermaid.
17. Real Genius (1985).
18. The Pet Shop Boys. BONUS POINT: "West End Girls".
19. The Miami Sound Machine.
20. Frank and Moon Unit Zappa.
21. Motley Crue.
22. All three songs were featured on the bestselling 1984 soundtrack of the movie Footloose.
23. Jennifer Beals, who would go on to sink her career as Frankenstein's main squeeze in 1985's The Bride.
24. The third host was Fran Tarkenton.
25. Head of the Class (1986-91).
26. "The Captain Of Her Heart".
27. Jonathan and Jennifer.
28. The theme song to Cheers -- "Where Everybody Knows Your Name."
29. "If You Leave," which was featured in the film Pretty in Pink.
30. Jose Canseco.
31. Kristin Otto, in various swimming events.
32. Katarina Witt.
33. Raisa Gorbachev. Rumor had it that she wasn't a big hit with First Lady Nancy Reagan, however.
34. C. Fred Bush was the cocker spaniel owned by George and Barbara Bush.
35. Don't get them wet.
36. Joan Van Ark.
37. The Ayatollah Rubollah Khomeini.
38. The AIDS epidemic.
39. The beating death of their adopted daughter, 6-year-old Lisa. Steinberg was the culprit, but Hedda Nussbaum, herself abused by Steinberg, faced charges for not stopping him.
40. The ozone layer.
41. Mighty Mouse. The cartoon character was actually sniffing a flower.
42. Vanna White, of Wheel of Fortune fame.
43. The Los Angeles Lakers.
44. The Young and the Restless.
45. The Klan headquarters in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
46. Ronald Reagan.
47. Huberty killed 21 people at a McDonald's in San Ysidro, California before being killed by police.
48. The president was referring to Iran.
49. Ritchie Valens.
50. Three's A Crowd.